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Meet the Team

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The Team of 10 is from a diverse range of backgrounds and walks of life. This also means that they come with a high level of cultural awareness as well as in depth language skills at mother tongue level. Children will be welcomed by a diverse team which is also a reflection of their diversity.

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pedagogical leader

German | English | French

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pedagogical leader


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Zahra Nyei

mother & owner

German | English | French | Liberian

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Our founder

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      Zahra Massa Nyei is an Egyptian born, German raised and Liberian/ Sierra Leonean young lady, who grew up in a diplomatic household and travelled the world from very early on. Growing up Zahra spoke English, German and Krio at home. As she spent a lot of time with her aunties, uncles and other extended family, she also picked up Liberian English and French. Moving from country to country finally also exposed her to many other languages.

      During the MBA studies Zahra come up with the School of Language Sound and Culture in her Entrepreneurship class. She put together a Business Plan in 2012, which served as the Blueprint for Nyeiland 10 years later in 2022, as she just welcomed her newborn, who would become part of the first cohort of Nyeiland that would attend the Nursery.

      Nyeiland is a place where our youngest citizens can meet the world and be exposed to languages, sounds, customs of the world. The nursery seeks to engage the little ones and enhance skills from very early on in a playful and fun manner. However, it also strives to support the young ones to have self-awareness and indulge in self-care.

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